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Kevin & Alison Womble, The Sleepy Dormouse

I would like to express our gratitude for all your hard work and efforts. The professionalism you have shown has made the whole process a delight. The help and advice given was very much appreciated. We are both very happy with the end result and would have no hesitation in recommending your services.


Merry Cocks, Nifty

If you want a quick paint job done on your boat, don't bring it to John Sanderson. He takes his time. For very good reasons. Like stripping off all the old layers of paint; removing as much corrosion as he can; then using quality paint, which is allowed to dry properly between coats. I could go on, but his best adverts are the boats he's painted. He transformed our scruffy little ugly duckling of a boat into a crimson, Atlantic blue and gold swan. Finished off with perfect sign writing by Meg. Thank you, both.


David Schweizer, Helvetia

"We contacted a number of Boat Painters for quotes, but John’s was the best deal for the most comprehensive job, and we had the benefit of several unsolicited recommendations from other people who’s boats had been painted by John.

We certainly made the right choice, John removed every fitting on the boat, stripped the paint back to bare metal and rectified several areas of rust damage before any paint was applied. He also modified the window fixings to make them more secure in the future.

Although we specified the basic colour scheme, John suggested several additional features, which have certainly enhanced the overall appearance. In particular the Crimson Lake pinstripe round the cabin sides, which several people have already commented upon favourably.

Helvetia now looks pristine again, and we are very happy with the job John has done. We were very careful not to get any scratches on the paintwork during our trip back from Wordsley to Napton."

hedepig 1.jpg

Mr & Mrs Meuzs, Hedgepig

"when I rang Phil to have his paint job on our boat refreshed he told me of his retirement. But I needn't of worried, John Sanderson who used to work for Phil now runs the paint dock and was able to help me. Our boat had what is best described as an extensive freshen up of the paintwork plus some minor cabin repairs and modifications. we were very pleased with the results, which was carried out to a high standard and an acceptable price. Meg who had been Phil's apprentice matched the roses and castles on the new side doors perfectly to the originals"

treacle bolly 2.jpg

Chris Dodds, Treacle Bolly

" A great big thank you, for painting our boat Treacle Bolly, you have done a great job, we are very pleased"


Brian Turner, Liberator

"I couldn't be more pleased with the finish the lads have done. Happy to recommend their service to anyone"

mecellus back.jpg

Richard Frost, Marcellus

"When I was looking for a company to repaint my Narrowboat, it soon became apparent that not all painters quote for the same level of job. What John Sanderson quoted me was to remove ALL the paint on the cabin, strip it completely of all fittings and then gradually built it up to a fantastic glass like shine. We are overcome at the quality of the finish and the attention to detail. The job took 5 weeks to complete and yet was no more expensive than some painters quoted me for a 2 week job. It also included full sign writing and back door decoration. It is great to know that traditional skills are still available and that companies like this still provide good old fashioned levels of service. And for those used to working in 'canal time' it was all finished on schedule”

repent at leisure.jpg

Paul Sharpe, Repent at Leisure

“Our boat, Repent at Leisure was John & Chris’ first paint job following Phil Speight’s semi retirement from the canals. The boat was stripped back to bare steel above the gunwhales, and all the external fittings were removed. Other boat painters we had spoken with had seemed reluctant to fully strip back the old paint work, but we felt that was very important. We were welcome to pop in and see the work as it progressed, and given advice on how best to keep the paint work in great condition once it was complete. We are extremely happy with the finished paint work. The guys are easy to work to with, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other boat owners thinking of a repaint.”


Colin & Claire Porter, Ty Ddewi

“John Sanderson and Chris Lucas painted our 60 ft Narrowboat, Ty Ddewi, in the summer of 2010. They made a fine job of it, stripping it down to bare metal, taking all the windows and vents out and eliminating all the rust. They painted it just as we wanted, they did it when they said they would, and they did it for the price they said they would with no extras so we were both extremely pleased with the end result. They get a full recommendation from us.”

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